Monday, November 28, 2005

all that glitters

It's been a while since I started a ridiculous craft project. Good thing my Martha Stewart magazine was successfully forwarded to my new address.

I am making these glitter birds and their sparkly branch.

Here is my branch. It is larger than Martha's because this is more of a mantelpiece installation than a table centerpiece. Although Martha's is very thick, she must have hacked it off a tree with a saw. Anyway. It was very hard to bring my branch home since a certain dog thinks he owns all the sticks in the world. Martha uses narrow tinsel garland to cover the branch, but I couldn't find any at the two craft stores I went to on Sunday, which were both madhouses due to the fact that christmas yard decorations were on sale. So, I am using silver chenille pipe cleaners. But I have to glue them on, because the wire is not strong enough for them to stay tight on their own. Good thing I have an unending fascination with hot glue. Because the progress you see, well, that is 75 pipe cleaners and it took me the entirety of "Fever Pitch" (which is NOT a good movie) to applicate them. Luckily I have 175 more pipe cleaners before I run out.

The next thing is to cover the birds in glue and glitter. My birds are already a little more retarded than Martha's because they do not have feet. I guess that's why they only cost $1.29 each.

I hope I don't get pneumosparklyosis.