Sunday, February 08, 2009

the state bird of virginia

Oscar and his ticks in the car
Today we went to Shenandoah National Park which is only a little over one hour away. It was 63 degrees. Everyone at work is always going on about how many ticks there are here and how last year everyone got lyme disease and how on the first warm day you can literally see the foliage writhing with ticks. Anyways we just did a little hike and halfway through I looked down at Oscar and there was a big giant tick sitting right in the middle of his head. Then in the car I saw a little tiny one running across his white stripe on his head. Then we went home and I gave him a bath and there were ticks floating in the water. Then he sat next to me on the couch and there was a tick on his neck! There are so many ticks! And you can only see Oscar's ticks when they are in his white parts and he is 80% made up of black parts! It is so vile. I guess they are living in the carpets now. Do people just get used to this or what?

Saturday, February 07, 2009


The cat knows where the treats are.