Monday, August 07, 2006


I finally got a veil so I am no longer beekeeping like a fool.

Although I still wear shorts and a t-shirt and sandals so maybe I am only marginally less foolish. Here I have just puffed some smoke between the two boxes and am about to lift off the second story.

Lifting out the second frame.

Cute little bees! The white stuff on the frame is capped honey. The yellow caps have baby bees underneath, pupating; the more brownish ones are older and will emerge soon. If you look at the bottom towards the left you can sort of see some uncapped brood - it is like a big grub curled up there in the cell.



the knitrider said...

so freakin fascinating!! i love the giant moth hangin out on your veil!

heather said...

Those moths are nuts, they like the hang out inside the overhangs of the outer cover so that when I take it off about six of them fly out.

Evan Kessler said...

I feel as though I'm learning about bees. Learning is fun.