Sunday, November 25, 2007

cold weather kayaking

Today I went kayaking even though I usually do not kayak in winter because I am a sissy. At first we planned to go to Buckhorn, which is a swamp on Grand Island, but there was a problem.
buckhorn ice
Which is, that it was frozen solid.

So we went to Tonawanda Creek.
kayaking tonawanda creek
kayaking tonawanda creek vanessa

Here's two unrelated pictures of food so that I don't get kicked out of veganmofo.
lentil soup portabello salad with spicy mustard dressing
Lentil soup, from this recipe, but with vegetable stock (duh) and some bay leaves and red wine added. In the background, pillsbury crescent rolls, the best accidentally vegan food ever. Overnight the soup thickened up so that now it is a big pot of lentils. I seem to generally have that problem with soup. And, portabella mushroom salad with spicy mustard dressing from Veganomicon. My mother declared this The Best Salad Ever. With sweet potato french fries.

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