Tuesday, November 13, 2007

maple cupcakes

maple cupcakes
I made the Maple Cupcakes with Creamy Maple Icing and Sugared Walnuts from VCTOtW. Except I left out the maple extract because I didn't have any because, uh, I don't really like maple that much... Anyway, at first I was worried because the major ingredient in the icing is powdered soy milk, with which I had recently had a bad experience (GOOD WORK JEMNIFER!).
creepy soy beverage
Look how white it is! Why is it so white? Ah, remember when I used to think fake milk was weird for NOT being white? Anyway, it has a weird moist powdery texture and it smells like tofu and it is REALLY GROSS in coffee. Maybe the vanilla flavor version would be ok in coffee. I am not going to spend $10.99 to find out though. HOWEVER, it does make a nice fluffy icing as long as you let it sit until all the chunks dissolve, because otherwise they stick to your teeth in a creepy way.


Jennifer Zeitler said...

good work me! i would like one of those cupcakes as a prize. mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm i want a cupcake in my belly right now. I am going to make some on thursday for a potluck as school but I was just going to make the chocolate cupcakes from vwav with the buttercream frosting. Is that too boring?

heather said...

I want to make the apple cider ones but I used all my agar in the eraser pie and I have to go to the special hippie store to get more.

Chocolate is exciting enough as long as you blog it! BLOGGY BLOG BLOG!