Tuesday, February 19, 2008

I Am Sore in My Hams

hiking tomales ptToday Jennifer and I hiked 9.4 miles which is highly impressive for us because Jennifer's uterus is the size of a cantaloupe, and I am lazy. We did the Tomales Point trail at Point Reyes National Seashore.

jennifer on tomales point
We went all the way to the end because we are impressive.

elks at tomales point
There are many magnificent elks along the trail.

Also, many lovely sceneries.

Afterwards we went to dinner at the fruitiest restaurant in all of Berkeley. It is vegan and 90% raw. I think the way most people feel about vegan food is the way I feel about raw food. Like the revulsion they feel when they hear a dessert is made without butter is the revulsion I feel when I hear that a "burrito" is wrapped in a raw collard green instead of a tortilla.
I Am The Fruitiest Place in Berkeley and that is Saying A Lot
Besides the communal tables which I very much never appreciate, all of the menu items are affirmations. Then the waiter repeats them back to you. You are wonderful! I got a warm grain bowl but I guess in raw-food-land "warm" just means "not cold" and does not mean "body temperature or above" which is how I normally think of warm. Anyway, it was pretty good once I got over my shock at being freed from the tyranny of heat. Also, I have a newfound appreciation for fake cheese-ish items made of cashew. Jennifer had some cashew glop on her I am Prosperous which was sort of like creme fraiche.

I am Succulent (and I strip the skin off of your tongue)
I got this juice called I am Succulent because I wanted the boyishly handsome yet unfortunately spiritually-journeying waiter to tell me I was succulent. It is grapefruit and celery or something and I think it stripped a layer of skin off of my tongue.

I am Amazing(ly disappointing)
I got a piece of lemon meringue pie ("you are amazing!") to go because I was intrigued by vegan meringue but it is pretty amazingly gross. I guess I forgot the crust would be raw. There are severe textural issues in all three components and the meringue is just like a dense cold paste. I am Amazing(ly not impressed).

There are some more pictures in the Visiting Jennifer's Belly set.

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Liz² said...

thank you! I could never get into the raw thing.