Sunday, September 13, 2009

Lenny goes to Washington

Yesterday we took Lenny to DC to Vegfest. Sometimes he ducks away when people try to pet him so we are trying to socialize him more. He did very well and did not have a head explosion and met many dogs and let many people pet him and only ducked away a little bit.
a tiny cake and lenny
Chris O waited in a giant line to buy us a tasty cake from Vegan Treats. We also had some falafels and some oddly gooey soft-serve vanilla ice cream. Lenny had a sample of V-Dog and serious amount of face-licking from Caramello.

Then we took Lenny for a walk on the national mall which was swarming with militant republicans.
chris o, lenny's butt and some republicans
Don't Tread On [Lenny's Tail]!

As Lenny was petted by both vegans and republicans in one day, I think we get a gold star for socialization.

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