Saturday, December 19, 2009

what is this, buffalo?

I was supposed to drive to Buffalo for Christmas today but then I did not since we are in the midst of a Paralyzing Blizzard.

DSC_0074It is not even windy. Sometimes I think Accuweather is a drama queen. However, everyone here drives their car off the road when there is one inch of snow so the paralysis part could be true.


It is supposed to be 10 more inches by this evening! They better get their one snowplow out. Yesterday I participated in the mad rush on snow shovels at the Home Depot so we are ready.


billo said...

Did you run out to the store and get plenty of soy milk? That's what we do when it snows.

hthr said...

Chris went last night! Everyone had already boughten all the bagels though.

billo said...

People go nuts when it snows. I'm glad I got out of there before the storm of the century hit.