Thursday, March 20, 2008


I have really had enough of the weather but at least fog is interesting. Now it is back to snowing. I am completely tired of snow.
Oscar = never tired of snow.


EllenP said...

That picture of the snow and fog is beautiful - - I actually miss the snow. One day, when the white stuff hit the city, I walked for 45 minutes in the stuff minus a hat, gloves or a suitable jacket - imagine that.

Heather said...

It's the end of March! Snow time is over!

Adam said...

Please create an entry detailing your secrets for capturing and/or creating such amazening good looking photographs. I am 100% for serious here. kthxbye

Heather said...

Oh, well, all you do is notice that it is foggy outside, disregard how you are late for work, and go take a picture of it with Oscar. Then you come inside and rotate it 3 degrees in photoshop to compensate for how you are incapable of holding the camera level.