Sunday, March 23, 2008


just in time for dyngus day
Easter is way too early/sneaky this year which precluded me from doing any glitter-based Martha Stewart craft projects. But these pussywillows in my grandpa's back field are almost ripe. Despite the concerns.
waiting for dessert
Oscar thinks that if he sits at the table like a person, someone will serve him a plate of food. He acts confused and dismayed when it does not happen.
vegan placek
I am obsessed with veganizing placek. (Placek is a Polish sweet bread, like a yeasted coffee cake, which normally has a pound of butter and eight eggs in it.) After making a couple gummy bricks, I finally made an edible one, except I burnt it and had to cut the bottom off. Also it does not taste unhealthy enough. Also the crumbs all fell off the top. I think I am two placeks away from making a perfect vegan placek but I am really sick of placek now, so.
indoor starling
When I got home there was a starling in my apartment. It is bad luck! Or else it means there will be an Important Message.

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